A well-known fact within the mining industry is that hauling costs can account for up to 50% of the total operating costs incurred by a surface mine. Therefore any savings generated from improved road design and management benefit the mining company directly, resulting in reduced cost per ton of material hauled. Dust emanating from these roads, as well as tailings piles, can also plague nearby communities and therefore a proper dust mitigation strategy can be an important factor for mines’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies. Taking these facts into consideration, Cypher Environmental developed a strategy to design products that can enhance the engineering properties of mine haul roads, improving their stability in all weather conditions, reducing dust and maintenance requirements, with a specific focus on reducing rolling resistance.

How do I reduce operational costs on road management?

It has been suggested that up to 50% of operational costs for open pit mines can be attributed to haulage costs. Therefore steps that can be taken to improve efficiencies in these areas can be paramount to producing operational cost savings. While proper road design cannot be ignored, the use of the correct road dust palliatives and road stabilization agents can significantly enhance the performance of haul roads. Cypher has a variety of solutions, including Road//Stabilizr® to provide long term stability of road materials in the subgrade, base and running course layers, as well as Dust/Blokr®, to provide long term reductions in emissions. Better stability of the running course and underlying layers, as well as dust reductions, offers significant reductions in operational costs for road management due to reduced maintenance requirements and higher efficiencies for the haul trucks using these roads.

How to reduce emissions from roads?

It is true that proper road design and the choice of the correct road building materials can have an impact on reducing dust on haul and access roads. However, since these roads are always unpaved, additional measures must be taken to reduce road dust emissions, and the old fashioned method of just using water is highly outdated due to the amount of water being consumed, not to mention fuel burned by the constant use of the heavy water trucks. Therefore a proper dust control product should be applied, such as Dust/Blokr®, to provide for long term dust reductions. It is designed to be applied with typical water trucks found at mine sites, and are engineered to withstand heavy and frequent haul truck traffic, providing for long term results.

How can we save money on how we build haul roads?

Many mines are built in areas with limited resources, in terms of adequate road building materials. In cases where abundant materials that are rich in clay content exist, Road//Stabilizr® is very well suited to significantly enhance the engineering properties of these materials. Road//Stabilizr® works to stabilize soils with approximately 20% or higher passing the No. 200 (75 um) sieve, which are normally known for swelling when wet, and having characteristically low CBR (California Bearing Ratio) values. The use of Road//Stabilizr® reduces this swell potential of the clay material, providing for enhanced performance of the road in wet weather, and for significantly higher soaked and unsoaked CBR values. These high clay content materials are typically much cheaper than traditional road building aggregates, and therefore the use of Road//Stabilizr® allows for significant cost savings on materials used to build haul roads.

What is Cypher Green Roads?

Better Communities.

Eco-Road Hero and Cypher Environmental have a strong commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We support the Cypher Green Roads policy which aims to give back by enhancing local roads and infrastructure in the communities in which our products are being used around the world.

Cypher Green Roads mandates that we donate substantial volumes of product and/or a portion of profit from a project to local communities in need; located near mines and large projects that are using Cypher products.

Why Support Cypher Green Roads?

Better Planet.

It is our goal to help mines and industry reduce their environmental impact overall during their project, as well as to help them create good will and make a positive impact within neighbouring communities in which their projects are taking place.

Here are some examples of previous Green Roads projects

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If you need more information on any of our products, we would be happy to fill you in on the benefits and value you will get. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs for dust control or soil stabilization.

Contact Us

If you need more information on any of our products, we would be happy to fill you in on the benefits and value you will get. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs for dust control or soil stabilization.