Fulfilling Urgent Orders Without Causing Dust Problems

We had a customer providing forestry logs to a mill to make very important building products. Due to high community demand for their products, they had to conduct operations simultaneously with the harvesting season of one of their long term neighbouring orchard businesses. The dust from the logging operations would have created unacceptable conditions for the orchard.

The customer had to fulfil urgent orders without causing dust problems for a neighbouring business

Dust/Blokr blog

Our customer asked us for a dust control solution that would stop the dust but also be acceptable for use in an ecologically sensitive environment. We suggested the use of Dust/Blokr® technology from Canada. Dust/Blokr® is the dust control technology of choice for some of the Inuit communities in the Arctic Circle because it does not affect their sources of wild food like fish and caribou. Dust Blokr® was developed by Cypher Environmental in Winnipeg and consists of mainly sugars and starches. It is also 95% renewable.

We worked with the customer and their contracting partners to apply the Dust/Blokr® technology to the haulage road near the orchard. The Cypher Environmental technical team provided an application specification. We developed detailed procedures to suit the available equipment to ensure a hassle free and correct application of the Dust/Blokr® technology. The Dust/Blokr® was applied in a day to the target road.

The customer feedback was that there was a significant reduction in dust emissions from the Dust/Blokr® treated road. They also reported that their neighbouring business was able to harvest their fruit without any dust concerns from the logging trucks. Our customer was able to provide vital forestry products to the Australian community without having to interrupt their plans because of dust complaints from their neighbours.